SLM Packaging Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tastiway Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in June 2010 as a Private Limited Company.

SLM is a manufacture of multi-layer laminated plain and printed food/non food packaging materials in roll form and individual packs (such as Printed and Plain Alluminium Foil / Bag / Polyethylene film roll) from receiving of raw materials through processing, packaging and distribution.We also provide package designing solutions with wide applications in food industry, beverages industry and cosmetic industry and we were the first of its kind in Kedah state of Malaysia. We have obtained State Government Endorsement and business license since June 2010. In June 2011, We had been certified ISO9001:2015 for its Quality Management System by BM Trada, Local assessment,global certification, and certified for MS 1480:2007 HACCP by BM Trada. Which assures customers of highest quality products at par with approved/international standards with up to 10 colors and solventless lamination machine.

Since its inception, we are dedicated in professional and innovative packaging development.We have developed an outstanding reputation for providing quality printing and packaging, as well as exceptional customer service. Our employees are completely devoted to our customers providing excellent services and supports. From technical assistance and consistent quality to cost control and on time deliveries, most importantly competitive pricing, we always committed to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

We have the expertise to provide wide-ranging approach for design from material, and size to color and visual effects that are precisely focused to regenerate the packaging image. To support our ideology, we have the 8 colors and 10 colors printing machines in our facility which is the best printing method to achieve optimum results.

In today's e-commerce environment, packaging is the opportunity to convey company's values, to communicate and catch the attention of customers. Our custom packaging will ensure the product is outstanding among all without neglecting its quality. As we emphasize on safety, compactness and strength, we do provide multi layer laminations to reduce spoilage, maintain freshness and prevent food oxidation.

Currently, we mainly supply to our parent company as a support to cater massive volumn of orders. Besides, We also supply to our existing customers of our parent company in terms of ready packed product, for example coffee, tea, rice packaing or only up to printing stage. We are flexible in customising product and services to fullfill each and every customer's needs.


Strategy and Competitive Advantage

  • We strived to provide cost effective packaging solutions as compared to other local supplier.
  • We are flexible in dealing with orders: charging the cylinder cost with miminal printing orders, whereas the cylinder cost will be reimbursed to customer when order exceeds determined quantity.
  • Reliable services as our company is having strong competitive advange where the thread of entry is high compared to others.
  • We promise to provide shorter time / ontime delivery to our customer in view that we have our own machineries and sufficient resources.
  • To associate with our customers in the successful marketing of their products and brands by providing innovative & cost effective packaging solutions.
  • To consistently meet our customers’ highest standards of quality and service expectation.
  • To continue in research and development to gain in depth process knowledge in order to establish ourself as the reputed leader in the industry.
  • To provide informative website and well trained sales personnel to create public awareness.